Apple Launches First Online Store in India; What's in it for Us?

For long, Apple has had its presence in the Indian market. For almost 20 years, we all have admired Apple products. But even though India is a big market for Apple, we did not have an Apple Store here. We had to reach out to different dealers to get Apple products. But, finally, this is not going to be the issue.

Apple has announced its first-ever online store in India extending a wide range of all its products. It is huge news irrespective you use Apple or not. Here is why:

  • Apple users will have the option of directly making a deal with Apple to trade-in the products for an upgraded version. The value is likely to be higher with the original stores. Unlike the intermediate dealers who used to give the money according to their choice.
  • The user experience will now improve as customers no longer have to go through numerous different listings on sites like Amazon or Flipkart to look out for the right Apple product. Also, not to forget the fake factors available online. Remember the stories of people receiving bricks in Apple boxes. This problem will no longer be valid as now customers will buy undeviatingly from the maker.
  • Customers will now be able to customize their MacBook, or iMac by following the instructions on the online site. Which simply means more personalization in the configuration for the Indian customers.
  • Customers can enjoy the fun with refreshing engravings. this will allow further personalization of your Apple products.
  • The benefits are for all. Even the students may now get entitled to student Discounts. This will encourage more sales for the company. Also, the students will have an added benefit to look-out for.
  • Apple offered an extended warranty with AppleCare+, however, it was not available to Indian customers. But now, with Apple's Online Store in India. Users might get this option too. We all know Apple products and accessories can be pricey. Amid this possibility, getting an extended warranty is a great add-on.

It's been a while since US citizens have been enjoying this experience with Apple Online Stores. But with the first one in India, we will surely enjoy the personalization. We have seen the smooth and experience-rich online interface for Apple so far and it will be comforting to get a similar experience now in India. It is a great move by apple owing to the fact that India is emerging as a bigger contributor to company sales.

Well, these are some bonuses to point out. But with the first Apple Online store in India, we definitely expect a lot of customized benefits for the Indian market.