Glimpse of Samsung Wireless Charger Trio

The Samsung launched the wireless Charger Duo in 2018 and after the success of that product the company has decided to launch a new model. This time, the company has upgraded the technology and designed the new model with the support of Qi charging tech. The product glimpse was launched yesterday at the life unstoppable virtual event with three more products, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Galaxy Watch 3, and the Galaxy Buds Live. 



The specifications of Samsung wireless charger trio are still hidden and we can’t wait to know more about them. Although, the image has subtle messages to convey so let’s take a look:

Abundant space: The charger has the enough comfortable space for three different devices i.e. Smartwatch, Smartphone, and earphone. Ample space ensures that the average user will never be in a crunch for battery.

Compatibility: This product has the compatibility to function for the devices related to other brands as well. But, we can’t say anything about its charging speed. Considering the fact that Samsung has never failed to amaze their customers we are sure we can expect the same.

As the information related to its dimension, and tech specifications have not been revealed yet. However, this product looks like an interesting purchase as it is definitely going to save our time and add a premium value in our lifestyle.

Author: Afshan Mukhtar