Mobile Ads Targeted by Apple iOS 14

Apple's forthcoming iOS 14 has major updates for the in-app and network ad developers. 

It is both a piece of good and bad news. Good for people who avoid watching In-app advertisements and bad for in-app and network developers. Let us see what this update means for us.

This update entails the apps to seek authorization from the users before collecting any data that will determine their choices. This data helps the apps to understand the preferences of their customers and hence make ads more relevant to them.

All app developers are required to follow the software change. The update will impact the applications for both the iPhone and iPad. The users will now get a prompt for every app that requires tracking. Hence, users will be able to select the apps for which they want to allow tracking or not.

We all know that ads help the in-app and network developers in a tremendous way to customize their advertisement based on the audience. But, with this update coming in force, such developers will clearly lose on revenue.

To help them progressively work on this, Facebook has mentioned that it does not expect to apply the update anytime sooner. They will wait till the next year for effect. And it will go on for android users for a while. When Facebook did a similar update last year, it cut down on revenue of in-app developers by more than half. And now with Apple doing this, it will inevitably have a larger impact. Even Facebook has mentioned that it is working on both short term and long-term strategies to cope up with this situation.

We all know that user privacy has always been a priority for Apple and working on the same measures, it will apply the updates with the launch of iOS 14 by the end of this year. The customers will now have the option to choose if they wish to share their tracking information or not.

This update will act as a breakthrough as the users will not only know which apps and websites use their information. But will also have a say in it.