“Sign in with Apple” now not available for Epic Games account

On August 13, 2020, Epic Games accounts got removed from the App store. It followed after the developers of Epic Games’ battle royale game Fortnite, created an in-game payment system. It acutely violated Apple’s directions and hit its standard fee by 30 per cent.  


Since that day, the two companies are in a feud. Apple not only forbade the Fortnite from the App Store but also there has been an on-going legal battle between the two. Though Epic won the restraining order for a while, it did not force apple to add the game back to the App store.   

Now, there has been a new update in this case, that from September 11, 2020, no users will be able to log-in to the Epic accounts via the “Sign in with Apple” option. Hence, all users are updated 


Around 116 million users of the Fortnite signing in via Apple make roughly one-third of the total 350 million registered users. And amidst all this chaos if somehow the users are not able to update their credentials, they might lose their accounts.      

Epic developers are now working on diverse ways to make their users aware. They are also creating ways for manual log-in in case few users juggle to update the credentials in time. They have put up a guide on their accounts to make their users aware of how to update their credentials.    


Epic did a similar thing on the Google play platform as well, and hence, their game got discarded from Google Playstore. But that did not stop Epic from providing their game over the android platform straight through any web browser. Both Apple and Google Play have decided not to move on with Epic due to their violations but are looking forward to resolving the situation through succeeding discussions.