"Store-on-Wheels" by Xiaomi MI

We have heard of food vans and observed them around but who knew we would one-day view Store-vans around. In the latest tweet by Manu Kumar Jain, Xiaomi Global Vice President and Managing Director of India operations, the Company announced of its "Store on Wheels" launch.

It is a great initiative amid the pandemic that made the sales go down for a lot of businesses. The concept is based on the situation created by the Coronavirus where the most maximum of the people got confined to their houses. Today, a lot of people are reluctant to go out, that has taken away the business from many companies. With this approach, the Company aims at reaching the people who are at home. It will focus more on non-metro cities and villages.

The Company intends to sell its Mi TV Stick, Mi CCTV Cameras, Mi Smart TVs, Mi Box 4K, power banks, chargers, Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones, Mi True Wireless Earphones 2, Redmi Earbuds S, and, Mi Sunglasses, along with its latest smartphones.

As per the pictures available on Twitter the store seems to be in a pop-up van on the rear of the vehicle. The Company intends to keep up to the best hygiene practices as per the law. It will make sure it takes care of social distancing. The Company apart from providing the mentioned products will also take orders or feedback from the customers. It will make a note to provide customers with what they are looking for when they visit the city next time.

It is a very interesting drive from the Company. It is very progressive. With this ambition, the company wants to bring its retail experience to the people who are restricted to their houses. We all know the interference this pandemic has caused to the businesses around and such a revisionist move is what we much needed in this hour.

We would also see different serial numbers on the vehicles. Perhaps this is the way the Company wishes to keep track of its now Stores-on-Wheels. This step will bring forth the Company to remote areas and lead the Store experience to the neighborhood.

Apart from the importance, the Company showed on the Store-Van, it is working on other aspects too. The Company is very focused on the launch of its new smartwatch rebranded as Mi Watch Revolve. The smartwatch was launched in January 2020 in China and seems to be making a way in our country soon.

On September 29th the Company has its Smarter Living 2021 event where it is expected to reveal its several more products.