Will FAU-G be the new PUB-G?

With India-China clash and ongoing Anti-Chinese sentiment around; we saw the fate of many China-based apps. Not to forget about Tik-Tok, which was at its high when banned along with other apps. And now the Country has yet again banned 118 Chinese-origin apps. Among them is one of the most-played gaming app “PUB-G.”

Some people are still trying to cope up with the void created in their lives, especially in this pandemic situation. And amidst all this chaos, Bengaluru-based nCore games has announced the release of its new game “FAU-G.” Among one of the investors is the veteran Vishal Gondal, who earlier was the founder of Indiagames and offered us Java-based gaming apps for the feature phones like Nokia.

Fearless and United: Guards (FAU-G) is an online multiplayer game, presented in a battle royal concept like PUB-G. The first map is based on Galwan Valley. Galwan valley holds a sentimental value for Indians due to the Indo-China conflicts that occurred there in June.

Being launched by an Indian Company, we hope to get an original game which is India specific. Also, as some speculations suggest it could be an Indianised version of the crowd-puller game PUB-G. We are definitely hooked for the game as it clearly seems promising. The first view of the game was launched by none other than Akshay Kumar. Akshay’s love for the Indian Army is not hidden. He is in support of the app and as per the founder, Akshay came up with the name FAU-G. Apart from the gaming news, you will be thrilled to know that 20% of the revenue earned from the game will be donated to “Bharat ke veer” trust. This fund will support the welfare of Army families.

A lot of people feel that this app was launched to capitalise on the void created by the ban of PUB-G. Well, if we adhere to the sources, then the app has been in development since May-June this year, and the banning of PUB-G is a mere coincidence. But whatever it is, we can expect the game launch by the end of October 2020. 

The release of FAU-G is clearly igniting the imaginations of hundreds of people who felt a vacuum due to the ban of PUB-G. We hope that the game is as exciting and high-quality as presumed and see if it becomes a success.