Xbox Series S peek-leak

Microsoft through their UK, US and French Twitter account reported the launch of a second next-generation console. This message confirmed the launch dates for these countries as of November 10, 2020.   

Announced as the Smallest Xbox ever, Xbox Series S is a low-priced version of the powerful Xbox Series X. It to be priced at $299, which is roughly approx. 22,000 INR.   


Many tipsters have also shown sneak peeks of the console on Twitter. These visuals distinctly show a smaller size for this version. What we view in the pictures is a white air vent next to the Xbox controller. Xbox Series S is a cuboidal look-alike of the robust Xbox Series X, simply small in size.   

It is an economical version and could be a better substitute for an average gamer. Not only that, but it might also give an advantage to Xbox in the market against its main competitor.   


Sony is yet to release its PlayStation 5, presumably on November 20, 2020. And if Xbox Series S releases before, it will unquestionably provide an edge to the company. Not only that, but customers will also have the option of selecting now, rather than wait for Xbox Series X and Sony PlayStation 5 to decide which one to pick.   

We suspect few characteristics for the Xbox Series S like being low on graphics as compared to its powerful sibling. Speculations are that this series works entirely on digital downloads rather than discs. This version also might have lesser internal storage. Some of the lighting effects that may be higher in Xbox series X could be low for this one, owing to the less powerful graphics.   


The launch of Xbox Series X is not decided as of now, but we can expect the launch date for Xbox Series S as November 10, 2020.    

Overall, Xbox Series S seems to be a more moderate version of the significant Xbox Series X. Yet, owing to its online approach and moderate pricing, this might be a go-to for a lot of gamers who wish to enjoy Xbox series at a comparable price.