HealtheeU Organic Antibacterial Anion Panty Liners (Biodegradable)

Pack of: 1
Rs. 199


The HealtheeU HygieneHQ product line is a range of products that is Made in India, Made for India. Our homegrown brand aims at providing you a premium yet sustainable, healthy and eco-friendly approach towards personal health, beauty & hygiene.

  • 20 pc/pack + 5 pc free!
  • Comes with an antimicrobial negative anion strip for all day protection.
  • For use on non-period/light flow days to protect from discharge and prevent spotting.
  • Made with a cottony soft fabric, in a curved shape for maximum coverage and comfort.
  • Perforated layers allow for maximum air circulation, eliminating moisture and rashes.
  • Odour control.
  • Chlorine Free, Latex Free.

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