Omnidirectional Motion Control Smart Security Camera with Triple Antenna, Two Way Audio & Night Vision

Rs. 1,999


  • Triple Antenna Multiplexing (TAM) Wireless Connectivity: TAM tech provides better WiFi reception to keep your CCTV connected with your Broadband even under weak signals. Download the app to access the live view on your phone from anywhere in world. Monitor your Baby, talk to your Pets anytime, never stay out of touch with your family. Supports Wifi and LAN connectivity.
  • Omnidirectional 355 Degree Rotatable Camera: Rotate camera 355* pan and 120 * tilt to see the entire area. Control the movements of camera via app leaving no inch of the area uncovered.
  • Motion Detection And Alarm Push Notification: With this feature the camera will remain in idle mode and can be set to record only when any motion is detected in a particular area . The camera will produce an alarm sound and send a notification on the app to alert you in case of any intrusion, acts of burglary etc. This saves SD space and unnecessary recording.
  • Night Vision: The IR sensor enables the recording of crystal clear video under low light conditions ensuring you never have to compromise on security in the dark of the night.
  • Two Way Audio & No HDD: Thanks to the in-built speaker and microphone which allows you to talk and listen to anyone from anywhere by holding a button on app, you can always stay connected to your family and pets. With Cloud storage and SD card support, no need for heavy DVRs or HDDs. Normally a 64GB SD card can record up to 10 days (extendable using Motion Detection) of continuous recording or simply record directly onto the Cloud storage provided by the mobile client.. It also supports loop recording (first recorded, first deleted in sequential manner automatically)

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