Wheatgrow Naturally Sourced Dried Tulsi for Immunity FSSAI Certified

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Holy basil, commonly known in the Hindi language as Tulsi, is quite possibly the most revered medicinal herb on the planet. From the leaves to the seed, Wheatgrow Tulsi is considered a tonic for the body, mind, and spirit due to a plethora of Anti-Inflammatory, Antimicrobial and Adaptogenic benefits:

  • High in nutritional value as it is rich in Vitamin A and C, Calcium, Zinc, & Iron.
  • Every part of the Tulsi plant is an adaptogen. These help in managing all types physical and mental stress/anxiety which keeps a healthy balance between hormones and improves brain function.
  • It increases vitality and energy levels despite being caffeine free and hence can be taken daily without any side effects.
  • Fortifies immunity against infections and detoxifies the liver and blood.
  • Antimicrobial properties can be used to treat wounds.
  • Lowers bad cholesterol and regulates blood sugar thus preventing heart disease.
  • Significantly counteracts the effects of stomach ulcers by regulating acid production in the stomach.
  • 50 gm

Wheatgrow products are 100% locally and naturally sourced and cruelty free. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality, certified natural foods so you may lead a healthy life.

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